Bob Beck Discusses Sales Training and Football

12/09/2008 at 8:43 pm Leave a comment

salestraining2Did you ever think you could get sales training with the game of football? Sales training is necessary today as business and the economy change almost hourly.

A football player’s work ethic, practice, discipline and learning all should transfer easily to the game of life. If a player does not implement these learned skills in the game of life, they can forget them and struggle unnecessarily.

The good news is, when a player truly learns something and practices it for any period of time, it will come back once he rededicates himself to the disciplines needed to regain that skill.

If you haven’t ridden a bike in a while, you could still get on one and peddle down the street. You might wobble a little at first, or you may wreck because you have temporarily lost your skill of zooming down the street peddling with no hands, but if you persist, the skills will come back.

If you have never played football nor any other sport for that matter, does that mean you are doomed to failure or mediocrity? Of course not! You’ll be glad to know there is still hope for you.

Seriously, you can learn the principle attributes of success in other ways. But just like football, you will have to practice things that may not come naturally to you.

Think about how you are getting your sales training and if it is effective.  If not consider employing a disciplined routine, one that you can follow daily.


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