Sales Training Fundamental: The Foundation

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Develop Your Foundation

In your sales profession and as a sale guru are you aware that sometimes your client or prospect is NOT always right.

  • Are you the type of sales reps that believes your responsibility is to provide customers or prospects with whatever they want, whenever they want?
  • Are you fearful that if you don’t give them your all you will lose out to your competition?
  • Do you believe that whoever bends the fastest and furthest wins the business?

If you happen to answer yes, then you are Wrong!

Remember that as a sales professional you are in the selling business and not the service business.

Selling is about relationships and always has been.  The foundation of the Quid Pro Quo™ sales training approach is about forming an equal relationship between buyer and sellers.  Whether it is with a spouse, friends, family, etc., there is an aspect of give and take to the relationship.  How many times would you call your neighbor and take them to dinner without any reciprocation?    How many times are you going to call someone for a date with no return phone call?  Human nature is says you’ll not do that very long or continue to just have one-way relationships.  Why would you want to continue a relationship like this?

With this in mind think about the dynamics between most buyer and seller relationships.  In most cases they are a subservient.  Too many times sales people fall into the habit of acting as if they are the buyers trick dog, jumping through hoop after hoop and the chance that at some point they might possibly buy something.

Quid Pro Quo™ selling is about selling as a subject expert by employing a true consultative sales approach while establishing an equal give and take relationship with the decision maker.


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