It Takes Discipline for Cold Calling Productivity

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If you have taken any sales training courses, have you been trained on creating the right perception that results in cold-calling productivity?

Here are two sales training examples of how to apply discipline to “cold calling” activity:

  1. Make a commitment to put in two extra calls a day. That is 512 additional calls a year (256 working days x two extra calls a day).
  2. Make a commitment to ask every cold call for a referral.

Not sure how to ask for that referral?  The conversation goes like this:

“I understand you do not have a need for (my product), but I would really appreciate it if you could help me. Can you please tell me someone you know who might have a need for (my product) at this time.”

The reasoning for this is simple: Referrals are the best way not to sound like the telemarketer salesperson calling during dinner. Besides, referrals make the best prospects and they tend to buy more times than not. It is also human nature to want to help someone who asks. So now you have an activity with a workable approach. You also have to be committed to put time towards this activity.

Let’s say at the beginning you receive a referral only 10 percent of the time. That equals fifty-one referrals in the course of a year. (256 working days times two extra calls a day times 10 percent success). You now have fifty-one new prospects to pursue as referrals. Simply by making two extra calls a day and always asking for referrals.


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