Author Bob Beck Encourages You To Learn the Playbook of Knowledge

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Football players learn early on that they always have to be increasing their knowledge to stay competitive on the field. Football offers a great opportunity to learn many of life’s lessons in a controlled environment.Knowledge as I understand it includes a complete understanding of experiences, facts, ideas, and insights a person acquires during their lifetime. I’m not just talking about formal schooling. That’s only one type of classroom.

Truth is, everyone’s life is a 24/7 classroom. When you know the different processes and ways to acquire knowledge, you’ll be able to win any game you decide to play.

Learning from Penalties
Every football player who ever played the game has made mistakes, missed assignments, broken a rule, and paid a price for it. In every football game, inevitably, someone on the offensive team jumps offside. The casual observer might wonder if the offending player is a moron or what? How hard it is to remember what the snap count is when you were just told three seconds before? The penalty is only five yards. The player is embarrassed. He usually gets an earful from the coach; he also gets to “ride the pine” while he thinks about improving his concentration and listening skills. This sounds terrible, especially if it costs the team a first down or worse.

There are no real mistakes in football, just lessons learned. And if the worst lesson you learn results in a five-yard or (heaven forbid) a fifteen-yard penalty, you’ll have live a charmed life.


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