Author Bob Beck Discusses Transitioning from Q4

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“Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.” ~Alexander Graham Bell

Every player is well aware of the fact that playing the game of football ends at some point. It could happen on any given play, due to an injury.  It could happen because skills erode, age or a host of other reasons. Yet, it seems very few players are prepared to make the transition to Q5-life after football. It would appear it is much easier to get into professional football then to get out, at least mentally.

Making the transition should be recognized as a natural and necessary change.  Football was no one’s sole life’s purpose. Entering into Q5 is your time for discovery, reflection, and to determine how you can leverage the principles of success that football should have taught you. Through transition you evaluate your strengths, desires and your passion, which all leads up to finding your purpose.

That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Still, most players dread transition. In player’s minds it means unwelcome change, discomfort and loss of direction. Add to that the current economic conditions, and transitions creates F.E.A.R. (False Reality Appearing Real).  Often times players, and it just doesn’t have to be football, all professions, even a sales expert struggle to find their authentic selves and purpose, in favor of someone who others think they should be or what  their ego tells them to be. Everyone goes through a natural and needed evolving process to find our true selves.

In Q5 (life after football) players need to learn how to embrace and thrive through the process of transition. The journey of true self discovery helps uncover player’s unique strengths and experiences.  And when these strengths and experiences match your joy, its then you’ll dance in the end zone of life. You need to employee creativity and focus on abundance to find your life’s purpose.

Then true success is found. I define that as being content with you and where you are in your life.

Don’t sit and stare at a closing or closed door.  Seek doors that are open or kick some in you want to be opened.  Be just as assertive in your journey of self discovery as you were aggressive on the football field.

You will find your purpose along with the happiness and contentment you want. These are my thoughts, what are yours? — Bob Beck, Author


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