Bob Beck Asks: Can You Excel and Become a Sales Guru

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To become a sales guru you cannot be one of those people who settles for the old worn out excuses.  To excel you have to have a desire and want to improve.

Fortunately, as a salesperson, it’s easy to quantify the kind of job you are doing. A quick check of your production over the last few years will establish how well you’re doing and at what rate of growth your income is increasing. Using this as the basis, you can apply the Quid Pro Quo methodology and, with some consistent effort, measure your progress.

As I have spoken about before, the function of the sales rep is to get and keep new customers.  As a promising sales guru you must strive to grow and develop an increasingly successful sales methodology, it’s important that you understand the most effective ways to sell every opportunity.  This is why making an investment in yourself is important and you should consider Quid Pro Quo sales training to help you excel as a sales guru.

Good salespeople personify the entrepreneurial spirit in all aspects of their day-to-day activities.

You need to have the mind set that you are working for yourself.  In some commission only compensation arrangements, you really are running your own franchise. The company you represent is just the conduit to your success.

The best sales reps have a definite mindset that produces their outstanding results. Although they work within the boundaries set by the company, they actually work for themselves. This is no different than a franchise owner. Every franchise has to comply with the corporate policy. They need to meet certain requirements/production criteria to keep their franchise.

Sales is no different, you have to meet your quota to usually keep your job. Less successful salespeople forget they are really working for themselves. To be successful, you’ve got to run your territory as if it were your own business. If you were spending your own money for trips, if you had to pay for literature, if you were charged for each lead and phone call, then you’d probably manage your time and prospects much differently. With the appropriate mindset and the appropriate understanding of the role and responsibilities of the sales rep, you’ll know how to get the most out of your franchise and be well on your way to becoming a sales guru.


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