How a Sales Expert Obtains a Degree as a Trusted Advisor

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As as sales expert pursuing your education and career as a Trusted Advisor, you often thought it would be rewarding to receive a diploma and degree entitled “Trusted Advisor.”

But, that will never happen.  They just don’t hand out degrees in this field, like they do for an accountant, engineer, marketing professional, etc.  Sales professionals need to become educated by different approaches and day-to-day experiences.

But, one thing a sales professional must never stop doing is educating themselves.  They need to stay on top of new sales training and learn new methods to attain their goal as a trusted advisor.  In reality,  because of today’s business environment, key decision makers don’t want a visit from a sales professional who opens the briefcase and displays their product or service.  They are looking for a sales person who has been trained in solution selling — yes, a trusted advisor.

Decision makers are always looking for ways to enhance their position within a company.  They need all hands on deck, including sales professionals who can offer solutions to their problems.  The information a decision maker has in hand, the more options they have to make the best possible decision.

Start out by selling based on a solution to the problem. The decision maker you are working with needs someone who can offer various options and solutions to their issue.  This is your first step and key step because you start building a relationship, the path you take in earning your degree as a trusted advisor.

Remember, the position doesn’t just happen, you earn the title and position.  This is the beginning as the decision maker will start relying on you for your knowledge and future guidance in assisting them with their problems.

Earning your degree as a trusted advisor isn’t taught at any college or university.  It’s from the “school of hard knocks.”


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