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Quid Pro Quo Sales Training: Invest In Yourself

Quid Pro Quo Sales Training: Invest In Yourself
It’s not easy rising to the top of your professional career as it takes hard work, extreme dedication, commitment, the ability to change and to be flexible and yes, an investment in yourself or your business for the success you dream of. Today, in our ever changing economy you sometimes want to postpone any financial investment in yourself. But, there are other non-financial investments that will help you along the way.


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Quid Pro Quo Sales Training: Ideas for Lead Generation

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend one of our Quid Pro Quo Sales Training workshops, we want to share with you some ideas for generating more leads.

First, I want to make sure you are achieving success in today’s business environment. Here’s my theory for success:

Activity x Time = Results
Results: You Take Ownership of Your Sales Success

To build your pipeline for more lead generation you need to be have:

  • Flexibilty
  • Adaptability
  • Resourcefulness

A strong pipeline happens through self-marketing where you must be in command of all the conditions and action that lead to your success.
Here are the lead generation ideas that you can start with immediately for your self-marketing.

  1. Referrals – referrals generally result in business/revenue.  A recent study at Goethe University in Franfurt German found that referred customers became more profitable and loyal than a normal customer.
  2. Writing – As they say “Content is King” and submitting articles or blogging helps you be perceived as the expert in your niche market.  developing a blog can help you be perceived as the expert in your market place.
  3. Seminars – Attending seminars are an effective way to reach new potential clients relatively quickly.

If you have tried some of these lead generation ideas and they are not working for you, perhaps attending a Quid Pro Quo Sales Training workshop would help you learn and practice the methods to help you generate your own leads for more sales opportunities.
Anything you do is an investment in your career.


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Learn to Learn: Become a Successful Trusted Advisor

While it seems like you can sit back and wait for success, the truth is, if you want to be a trusted advisor, you need to go out and find success. You can’t sit home and expect success to come to you. Invest in yourself with sales training using the Quid Pro Quo method.

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How a Sales Expert Obtains a Degree as a Trusted Advisor

How a Sales Expert Obtains a Degree as a Trusted Advisor
As as sales expert pursuing your education and career as a Trusted Advisor, you often thought it would be rewarding to receive a diploma and degree entitled “Trusted Advisor.”

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Bob Beck Asks: Can You Excel and Become a Sales Guru

Bob Beck Asks: Can You Excel and Become a Sales Guru
To become a sales guru you cannot be one of those people who settles for the old worn out excuses. To excel you have to have a desire to want to improve.

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Bob Beck Asks: What are You Doing About Lead Generation

Bob Beck Asks: What are You Doing About Lead Generation
Have you developed a system for your lead generation or are you just filling the pipeline with unqualified prospects.

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Author Bob Beck Discusses Transitioning from Q4

Author Bob Beck Discusses Transitioning from Q4
Every player is well aware of the fact that playing the game of football ends at some point. It could happen on any given play, due to an injury. It could happen because skills erode, age or a host of other reasons.

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