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Learn to Learn: Become a Successful Trusted Advisor

While it seems like you can sit back and wait for success, the truth is, if you want to be a trusted advisor, you need to go out and find success. You can’t sit home and expect success to come to you. Invest in yourself with sales training using the Quid Pro Quo method.


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How A Trusted Advisor Reverses the Negative

How a Trusted Advisor Reverses the Negative
You don’t become a trusted advisor, sales guru or the #1 expert in your field if you haven’t experienced the ups and downs of your market or adverse situations with your clients.

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It Takes Discipline for Cold Calling Productivity

Bob Beck, Sales Guru offers this sales training tip for you to learn why it takes discipline for cold calling productivity.

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Are You Serious About Becoming a Sales Guru and Trusted Advisor

Are You Serious About Becoming a Sales Guru and Trusted Advisor
If you are serious about becoming a sales guru or trusted advisor, ask yourself: Am I a Lifelong Learner?

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A Sales Guru Thinks Positively To Make Their Move

A Sales Guru Thinks Positively To Make Their Move
Are you ready to take your career to the next step of becoming a sales guru? If so, are you ready to act on your vision with vigilant intent, effort, and do you have all the required information?

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Sales Training: Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Sales Training: Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
Are you familiar with “Plan your work and work your plan.” This is a concept we go into in some detail in Quid Pro Quo™ sales training courses and the importance of work ethic and working a plan.

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What Makes a Sales Rep A “Sales Guru” by Bob Beck

What Makes a Sales Rep A “Sales Guru” by Bob Beck
You make your sales calls, follow-up, but it just seems like you are spinning your wheels and your career isn’t moving forward. Your dream is to become a sales “guru” but it isn’t happening.

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